The Fishing Trip

So every horseman I’ve ever had the pleasure of being with has told me that I need a life outside of horses….y’all are wrong….but ok…sure…we’ll go with that…

Yesterday was a beautiful day, the Sun shone brightly against the beautiful blue sky which was dotted with fluffy, white clouds. My family and I piled into our van, canoe on top, and went to a local pond. It looked like something out of a magazine. The pond is a fairly decent sized gem, hidden by a curtain of trees. It connects to a swamp area where you will find Snowy Egrets, Blue Herons, Geese, Ducks and Swans residing. Turtles and frogs, Sun fish and Bass all claim these waters as their home. The woods that surround the pond serve as shelter for the many deer, rabbits, snakes, squirrels, chipmunks and coyotes that can be seen if you’re quiet enough. Dragonflies of various sizes and colors, Swallowtails and Monarchs, Bumblebees and flies all buzz around your head as you walk down the hidden deer trails. This is a Fishermans delight during the summer, a deer hunter’s haven during the fall and a rabbit hunters refuge in the winter. A place to bring the children and wife to get out of the house for a while and immerse yourself in God’s magnificent gift of nature.


This is where we went yesterday, my parents took turns taking out my younger siblings in the canoe while I wandered around the woods looking for snakes and turtles. My youngest brother came with me as I walked around, trying desperately to catch one of the many Leopard frogs that seemed to tease him, letting him get close enough to almost touch their slimy skin before hopping into the water. As we were walking around my sister kept the other youngsters with her and they fished. I discovered a small Painted turtle seeking refuge in the tall grass and my little brother discovered the reason behind why we use nets to catch frogs and not our hands. The two of us continued walking around the woods, I with my turtle, he with his frustration building after every frog that escaped him. My sister and other siblings followed us slowly as they weren’t catching any fish, meanwhile my parents and youngest sister chatted amiably as they paddled all over the pond. Eventually boredom struck those of us on land and I, in a desperate attempt to find something to do, snatched up a fishing pole and decided to try my hand at this task which my older brother always made look so easy.

“Duck for cover, I’m about to cast this thing out there and don’t wanna hook anyone” I called out to my siblings who all stood around me, a look of shock and amusement on their faces.

Allow me to brief you on my past fishing experiences before going on. I have fished before, when I was much younger. I hooked everything in sight, my brother, my Dad, trees, the ground(don’t ask), weeds, cooler, my Grandpa, a hat, myself and yes, the occasional fish. The biggest fish I ever caught was a 12-inch bass and I was and am very proud of that fish. I have caught bluegill before and perch but nothing that is of size to keep and eat. I have tangled lines, broke lines, got tied up in lines and lost lines. I have caused more people to lose their fish as they were too busy laughing at my attempts than I care to list. The point I’m trying to make here is, I CANNOT fish. I feel guilty every time I stick a worm with a hook, I apologize to it the entire time it’s on there. I will eat the fish, just don’t ask me to catch the fish. Now, back to what I was saying.

Everyone ducked down as I threw the line out as far as I could. It went farther than I thought it would and the bobber landed with a soft “plop” in the water. In a matter of seconds I watched as the bobber danced around before going completely under water, and was followed by a sharp jerk to my line. My younger brother was standing beside me, acting as my coach. “Snap the line real quick so the hook gets caught in its mouth then start reeling it in really fast!” He exclaimed, his voice full of excitement. I did as he instructed but when I pulled it in most of the worm was gone and the only thing on the hook was a very long weed. Not one to give up that easily I put on another worm(apologizing to it and pleading for its forgiveness the whole time) and cast it back out. It landed in a similar spot to the first one and again, in less than a minute the bobber disappeared and this time a harder jerk was felt to the line. I waited a minute and watched as the bobber weaved all over beneath the surface of the water.

My younger brother again instructed me on what to do and I again did as he said only to have my thief disappear just before getting back to shore. Again I cast it out but this time it landed right in the midst of a ton of weeds. All my siblings hung their heads, “Great, now the line will get stuck and break” they all muttered. I gave the line to my brother who reeled it in for me and cast it back out. I took the pole back and watched again as the bobber disappeared and took off out to the middle of the pond. A list of not so Christian words came to mind as I furiously reeled the line in, determined not to lose this fish. Needless to say when the line returned to shore there was no fish, just a mangled up piece of a worm. At that point I decided the fish were making a mockery of me, so I gave the line to my brother and decided to go back to walking around. While I didn’t catch any fish, I did catch a very hostile snake and a cute turtle.


Moral of the story? While there may be more to life than horses, horses make up my life and are my life and I think I’ll stick to long days at the barn and fewer days at the pond with a fishing pole in hand. That and someone needs to teach me how to fish, I need help folks πŸ˜‚πŸŸ



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