Lucky Feather

Today was a kick-ass day at the barn. Two of the horses in training, Kelly a lovely QH gelding and Skip a Paint Pony gelding, got worked by their owners. Both their owners rode like the cowgirls that they are and looked awesome, after they finished working their horses with the trainer they all went out on their first ever trail ride together. While they rode horses out in the back field I brought up my lovely riding partner, Zoey, and worked her in the round-pen. When everyone returned to the barn I took a break from working her to feed the other horses, then returned to the round-pen.

I lunged Zoey for a little while longer before tacking her up, lunged her a bit longer, then got on. The trainer, Bill, came out, along with Zo’s owner, Doug, Lisa and Kel and Skip’s family, to observe me trying not to eat dirt 😉 . Zoey did fantastic, I honestly think that was our best rider ever together, it felt freaking fantastic and I don’t recall a time where I ever felt so correct and relaxed with her. She’s a great horse and I can’t wait to see how we progress. I’m tired, long day at the barn, so this is all I shall write, perhaps I’ll add more details to today, tomorrow.

Thanks to Mike for the lucky feather, it helped very much with riding Zoey, it shall remain with me for a while.

Have a happy ride folks~


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