Blue Ribbon Ride

Today my dear friend and sister from a different mister, Ella, had her first ever Dressage show. She rode in Dressage Into Test A and B and took first place in her first class and second place in her second class. She and her mount, Luna, looked and performed very well together.

fullsizeoutput_ad1 Ella is proof that hard-work and dedication DO pay off in the end. While she was a nervous wreck in the beginning, in the end she rode with the poise and grace of a champion and her ribbons prove that.

fullsizeoutput_a5f Ella and Luna practiced their pattern in the practice ring while their instructor and coach offered helpful criticisms and words of encouragement. Ella has a tendency not to smile or breathe when she rides, so that was one of the main things they worked on.fullsizeoutput_aa8.jpeg Once in the ring they were all business, her 20-meter circles were a bit on the larger side, but that’s okay, it was their FIRST show together after all.fullsizeinput_a97.jpeg Both were quite relieved to be done with Intro Test A but still a tad nervous about Test B.



fullsizeoutput_a8a They warmed up on the outside with their trainer, going over her second pattern while they waited for the other rider to finish.fullsizeoutput_a6f.jpeg They entered the ring again and did a fantastic job, Luna did trot when she wasn’t supposed to, but again, that’s OK it was her first ever show.fullsizeinput_a71.jpeg Ella and Luna did such a good job today in the ring together, I’m so proud of the rider Ella is becoming.fullsizeoutput_a75.jpegfullsizeoutput_a57.jpeg Done with both tests Ella and Luna stopped to pose for a few photos, then we went and untacked her horse before going to see how she placed.fullsizeinput_abd.jpegfullsizeoutput_ad3.jpeg Ella took first place in her first class and second place in her second class, she let out a big sigh of relief and told me she can’t wait for her next show. Way to go Ella!!fullsizeinput_ad6.jpeg

I’ve never shown a horse before, ever. I’ve never really been to a horse show either, so I can’t imagine the nerves that must have been felt before, during and even after she was in the ring. All I can say is, should I ever have the opportunity to show I hope to be able to do it as well as Ella did today.

At the end of the day though, it doesn’t matter what ribbons you get or how you place, what matters is that you went out and had fun and gave it your best shot.

Way to go girlfriend, you did great…

Have a happy ride~

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