Face my Giants with Confidence

“Give me Faith like Daniel, in the Lion’s den……….” 

Summer comes to a close and the fall semester and season greets us, students, teachers, professors and parents have all been preparing for the first day of school to come knocking on our doors. Are you prepared to start school? Do you have all the necessary pens and pencils and notebooks; staplers and glue sticks that’ll end up disappearing and chalk. Lots of chalk. You can never have enough chalk. The first day of school, for some, can be the scariest day ever. Butterflies flutter about in your stomach as students wonder if they’ll see in familiar faces, make new friends, and will the teachers like them. Teachers hope they have all the supplies they need, and in the quantity that they need, wonder what this year’s class will be like and hope that they can impart some wisdom upon each of their students when the end of the school year swings around. Parents think about whether or not their child is learning everything they need to be learning, are they safe, do they have all the supplies needed and if the teachers will be fair this year. There are so many worries and concerns that fill everyone’s heads that first day, first week, first month and at times, first year. It can be so very overwhelming and frightening and so very hard to just sit back, breathe, and have FAITH that it’ll all go well in the end.

“Give me Hope like Moses, in the wilderness…..”

Grades are something that cause everyone, student, professor, parent, to form ulcers. Grades, it seems like, control your life. What colleges accept you depends on your grades. What degrees you can get, depends on your grades. Certain jobs look at your grades to use as a tool to decide if they want to hire you or not. Maintaining good grades is a stressful, necessary evil. Still, you cannot go into the school year with a negative mindset, you have to think positive and have HOPE that you’ll do your very best this semester and the ones to follow. Thinking negatively does affect how well you do in school, a negative mind-set is a poisonous mind-set, a positive mind-set is a flourishing mind-set.

“Give me a heart like David, Lord be my defense……….”

Schools hold hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different personalities, all in one location. Not every personality will get along with the one next to it, negative interactions will occur and it’s up to you not to let them get to you, and not to respond to negativity with negativity. Show kindness and respect to even those who spit at you and are hateful in their actions and words. Don’t let the people at school change or alter your personality, stay true to who you are, no matter what happens or who you end up meeting.

“So I can face my Giants, with Confidence…………..”

Ah, there it is, that word that everyone uses so often, confidence. There are going to be many challenges you face in life, whether they be at school, your job, the barn, a walk in the park, etc., you will face many in life. If you face each challenge with insecurity or fear, the outcomes won’t be very successful. Attack each challenge and problem with confidence that you CAN accomplish whatever hurdle you’re facing and you WILL NOT be defeated. Face each of your giants with confidence, and they will all fall aside and you will walk away stronger than when you first started. College and school in general will bring many challenges and it’ll be so tempting to let yourself be defeated by them, but holdfast and know that you can overcome them.


This past weekend at the barn was a great weekend for Zoey and I. We got through a hurdle we’ve been struggling with, and while we’re not totally in the clear, it’s a step in the right direction. One of the hardest things I’ve been able to do, is to have a good ride on her without Bill or any of the other riders being there to help us. Whenever I’ve ridden her without either one of them there the rides have started and ended negatively. On Friday I rode her in the round-pen, she probably would have done fine, but I went into the ride having already decided she was going to buck, it was going to be a fight, and it wasn’t going to start well. All that happened in the beginning, but we did manage to end well. Your mind is such a powerful tool, it controls so much, it can be scary sometimes just how much thinking negatively or positively can affect how things happen for you. I always think negatively when interacting with Zoey because it feels like every ride is negative because I’m still learning and that’s frustrating. It’s frustrating knowing I’ve been riding her for a year and we’re just now loping in the arena. It’s extremely frustrating whenever I see video or hear about other people riding her and having it go so well, not because I want to see them fall off, but because they ride her and it all goes well, I ride her and it seems like it never goes well.  So I think negatively. And my rides go negatively. Every. Single. Time.

Saturday rolled around and I started out, (a) thinking, “This ride is going to go better”,

(b) deciding that if she made mistakes or if I made mistakes during this ride, that’s okay because mistakes help us learn. I started out on the line–the other young lady who works there had me do round-pen exercises with her, riding in a halter, arms out, eyes closed, so I could better fell her and myself, and develop more confidence and trust her more–and I wanted to do the same in the arena, because that’s where I’m most tense. She had minimal tail swishing and ears back on the line, but she never offered to buck. After around maybe ten minutes on the line we were unhooked. I asked her to trot and she did, no tail swishing and no putting back her ears. I asked her to lope……and she did again no tail swishing, no ears back, and no offers to buck. It was one of our better rides. We ended there, on a very good, very happy note. We’ll rinse and repeat this weekend with the goal to brave the outdoor next weekend.

This weekend at the barn was a lovely way to end the week and begin the semester, I’m so pleased with how all three horses I rode did, it all went very well.

Have a happy Semester and happy ride as well~~


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